Physical Conditions

Physical Conditions

If you're suffering from new or worsening symptoms regarding your physical health, you need to get diagnosed as soon as possible. Luckily, there are self-diagnostic tools available online that anyone with internet access can use for free. One such site is this site allows you to select symptoms that are categorized by anatomy and will display all ailments that carry the symptoms that you've exhibited. Examples of physical conditions that can develop unbeknownst to the patient include:

  • Scoliosis
  • Cysts
  • Terminal illnesses including
    • Cancer
    • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Arthritis

This list is extremely limited but shows examples of benign physical conditions, terminal conditions and also internal and external conditions. All of these types of illness are physical conditions and should be addressed by a licensed doctor after your effective and thorough diagnosis.

External Conditions

Cysts are a great example of an external physical condition. Through cellular mutation and benign cellular reproduction, cysts form in a variety of forms. While there are internal cysts that develop, external cysts are noticeable, irritating and can become cancerous if left unattended. Another external condition may be eczema, also known as excessive dryness of the skin. Severity of external conditions varies. Elephantitus, for example, is a condition that causes extreme inflammation and enlargement of parts of the body; usually appendages. This is a severe external condition that can easily lead to death. A minor external condition would be a skin tag. These are tiny pieces of flesh without any nerve endings that are the same color as your skin tone. Skin tags have plenty of treatment options that are painless and quick. Elephantitus on the other hand takes weeks if not months of treatment to overcome.

Internal Conditions

Internal conditions such as cancer, organ failure and neurological disorders, (note that this doesn’t mean mental disorder but instead, physical problems with the brains transmissions) are all physical in nature and can be fought using prescribed medications and by undergoing recommended surgeries. Even though internal physical conditions can be difficult to diagnose, there are symptoms that will present themselves if something is wrong inside rather than outside of your body. Expect cramps and pain as signs that something may be wrong inside of your body that you cannot see directly to diagnose. Take note of bowel movements, color and consistency of urine and the frequency of head spins or pins and needles sensations as these are indicators that you may have something wrong going on where you cannot see it: within an internal organ system!

Quick and Easy Diagnosis

If you need to be diagnosed quickly and efficiently, the best tool available to you to clarify if symptoms are serious or just irritating is to self-diagnose online. Online diagnosis tools are great at identifying physical conditions because symptoms of a wide range of diseases are stored in medical databases online. If your symptoms match those associated with severe ailments, get to a doctor for a thorough examination as soon as possible as your health may be compromised!