Medical Symptoms Diagnosis

Medical Symptoms Diagnosis

If you're suffering from medical symptoms and you're unsure what underlying cause may be invoking them, there are websites that can identify the ailments that are usually associated with the symptoms that you list when setting up your account. By effectively self-diagnosing what illnesses you may have when going through symptomatic issues including but not limited to:

  • Bronchial inflammation
  • Pins and needles sensations
  • Faintness
  • Blurred vision
  • Fasciculations/ Muscle spasms
  •  Bloody/ irregular bowel movements
  • Rashes/ hives

Especially if you’re unsure of what possibilities there are that could be causing you to experience painful or irritating symptoms, you should get a preliminary diagnosis ready as soon as possible.

Web Resources for Diagnosis

There are a few key sites that can help you in getting medical symptoms diagnosed properly. First is WebMD. They have long been a trusted source of medical information. They offer an illness database that is searchable by listing the symptoms you’re experiencing. In addition, and the Mayo clinic both have tools that allow you to plug in your symptoms and browse through ailments that include your symptoms. While web resources are good starting points in identifying the disease or health problem you’re facing, nothing is a perfect substitute for seeing a doctor in person. You may be referred from websites offering diagnosis opinions to local practitioners of medicine in your area who are able to assist you. A physical exam and blood tests can go a long way in identifying your illness when web-based diagnosis tools spit out more than one possible diagnosis. Print the materials you find online and bring them into your primary care Physician or show them to the doctor you get assigned if you have no insurance and must visit a free clinic.

Severe Cases

Though it should go without saying, online diagnosis is best for concerns that you believe aren’t of paramount importance. If you experience a dull aching pain, it may be more of a nuisance than an immediate health threat. On the other hand, if you begin losing feeling in your extremities and developing spastic fasciculations, these symptoms are known as onset symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. If you’re bleeding, in excessive pain or suffering from a condition that is quickly causing you to deteriorate in health, visit the ER immediately. If you believe that you may be coming down with the Avian flu, then do by all means check your symptoms through any of the above mentioned sites.

Getting a Second Opinion

Though medical symptom diagnoses online are usually accurate, sometimes you may not have enough visible symptoms listed to differentiate your results between several illnesses. By visiting a primary healthcare Physician, a specialist referred to you by a licensed doctor or a free clinic in the case that you don’t have insurance, you are effectively minimizing the threat to your life and others. Don’t find out too late that you’re contagious: get to a doctor with the results you find online and find out what’s got you under the weather!