Online Diagnosis Tool

Online Diagnosis Tool

If you're afflicted with an illness and you have no idea what could be wrong with you, you don't need to rush out to get the latest Medical Encyclopedia: you can self-diagnose based on symptoms you're experiencing from the comfort and convenience of your own home. There are online diagnosis tools available that allow you to input your age, gender, height and weight along with the symptoms that you've experienced. Software programs will factor all of your symptoms and data together before coming up with a list of possible ailments that your condition could be. If you happen to see a terminal illness in your list, don't get too concerned but definitely visit a doctor for a complete physical examination.

Pairing Online Diagnosis With In-Person Treatment

While getting a preliminary diagnosis from a reputable site such as WebMD or is advised should you suspect that you’ve developed an illness, getting the right treatment is going to require you to take action to get the right medications. Typically, the steps to follow after your at-home diagnosis should include:


  • Print all materials you’ve found online

  • Schedule an appointment at your insurance-covered Physician or local Free Clinic

  • Speak directly with a doctor, point out your symptoms and show him/ her the material.

  • Agree to all tests and treatments that the doctor prescribes

  • Await test results that will confirm/ deny some disease possibilities

  • Follow the prescribed treatment plan including medication but also potentially:

    • Exercise
    • Rest
    • high fruit intake
    • Other holistic approaches to mediate your condition

Healing After Diagnosis

If you’ve used an online diagnosis tool to narrow the list of possible illnesses that could be attributed to the symptoms that you’ve seen, healing is only a matter of addressing the underlying issue. If you’ve found that your online diagnosis included multiple health concerns, you are encouraged to visit a doctor in your area with the results who’ll prescribe a treatment plan. Especially due to the untrained eye of patients, symptoms can go undetected if not examined during a physical check-up.

Buying anything besides over-the-counter and holistic remedies online to treat your suspected illness is foolish. Prescription pills are just that: they are prescribed to be legal in the States. Unless you have a prescription from a licensed doctor, don’t take the risk of self-medicating. Overdose and death are just two potential outcomes.

Why Online Diagnosis Can Save Lives

Simply put, timely medicine and intervention can add years to someone’s life. If you suspect that you’re developing a condition based on symptoms that you are just recently experiencing or symptoms that’ve been with you your entire life, expedient online diagnosis gives you the ability to check whether something could be vitally wrong. By identifying that fact, checking in with a local Physician or Clinic doctor will increase the chances of identifying life-threatening situations early before they become worse. It’s ultimately your will to go seek help if you suspect something is wrong but online diagnosis tools offer quick, medical insight.