Online Medical Diagnosis

Online Medical Diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis online is as simple as hopping on the computer and checking WebMD for ailments related to the set of symptoms that you are presently enduring. There are also plenty of other accredited and acclaimed sites that are backed by Physicians and doctors from all walks of the medical industry. In order to correctly identify the illness that you may be suffering from, don't hesitate to contact a licensed Physician in your area. While you can very effectively diagnose a wide variety of illnesses right from your home computer, the chances that a hidden or acute symptom exists that could throw off the diagnosis is too great to rely 100% on the information you get online.

First Steps of Medical Diagnosis

When it comes to getting the diagnosis correct, a doctor will typically start with a few standard tests in addition to using all of his or her senses to get clues as to what your ailment may be. Doctors immediately begin listening to your voice to see if there is any nasal blockage or sinus problem. They’ll scan your body for unusual lesions, bumps, blemishes or other types of rashes or marks. They have you breathe deeply in and out when applying a stethoscope to listen for activity of key organs. They’ll also take your temperature and test your reflexes. All of these basic check-up tests are designed to alert the doctor should anything be wrong with your anatomy. While the symptoms that you’ve identified on your own are crucial in helping the doctor come up with a correct diagnosis, these tests are equally important and should be administered by a Physician. After gathering data regarding the symptoms that you’re aware of, take your research in to the closest free clinic if you don’t have insurance or just go to your local HMO covered Physician if you do. Between you being pro-active and finding information on the symptoms you’ve encountered and the doctors experience in diagnosis and treatment, you’ll be sure to get the care you need.

Getting The Right Treatment

While self-diagnosis can be a great online tool, self-treatment without the advice of a doctor isn’t recommended. Granted, colds, flus and other normal illnesses are all issues you can combat on your own. When dealing with a self-diagnosis that reveals any severe conditions like terminal illness or urgent matters including internal bleeding, consult your Physician immediately. Sometimes the Pharmacy won’t have Over-The-Counter medication that can handle your situation. As doctor prescribed medication can come in doses well and beyond that of similar Over-The-Counter brands, you may actually wind up saving money by visiting the doctor! In addition to going to the Physician and using online medical diagnosis to identify your ailments, a few tests can be performed at home for men and women to find major issues before they become dangerous. These include:


  • The Testicular Exam for Men
  • The Breast Exam for Women
  • The Prostate Exam for both genders
  • Regular checks of blood pressure for both